Spend Wisely

May 23, 2017
By Bri.mcavey GOLD, Exeter, New Hampshire
Bri.mcavey GOLD, Exeter, New Hampshire
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She bought things with her heartbeats,
Dealt in the currency of time,
Tracked her pulse to count her spendings,
While she waited in long lines.

Heartbeats aren’t something you can save,
You either spend them or lose them,
There’s no in between.

She’d give heartbeats to strangers,
While she listened to their woes,
Because a heart’s worth more than money,
As far as money goes.

She splurged heartbeats on moments,
On quality time with old friends,
Who all asked how she was so happy,
Without a dollar to spend.

But money only buys you things,
While heartbeats buy much more,
They buy you laughter that leaves you rolling on the floor.

Heartbeats buy you moments,
They buy you tears and hugs and smiles,
They buy you time to reminisce with friends.

Money can’t buy heartbeats,
And that’s a fact you’ve always known,
So make sure each day you’re happy,
With the way you spend your own.

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