May 23, 2017

Your ghost haunted me last night in my dream
Taunting me with how I wanted things to be
I woke and let my pillow catch my tear
All I want is to be able to smile
But instead I feel my heart die
Because what we had was based on a lie


Were all those secrets you whispered in my ear really just lies
So that I would trust you and whisper back my biggest dream?
Stomach churning, I think of what you said to me the night I wanted to die
How you forced me to morph into what you wanted me to be
I sacrificed everything just to see you smile
But in return, all you left me with was a broken heart full of tears


I now feel fragile as my face drips with tears
As my life is torn by your lies
It seems I have lost the ability to smile
Your face flashes behind my eyes in my dreams
Haunting my brain with how I want things to be                         I wake and realize that you wanted me to die


Why do you want me to die?
Don’t you care that my eyes are eternally full of tears?
Losing you is so much harder than I thought it would be
You wanted to make me hurt so you created that lie
And your words knit a web to destroy my ability to dream
I shake with rage at the thought that you destroyed my smile


Reassuring voices whisper that I’ll soon have back my smile
That my brain won’t always tell me I want to die
That I can achieve my dream
That you’re just a phase of sadness of tears
Someday soon, everyone will know that you only speak lies
And I can be happy and be what I want to be


My dream is what I want my life to be
My tears have left, I have back my smile
The fake friends died off and everyone else hates you for that lie.

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