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June 13, 2017
By TessD. SILVER, Lewes, Delaware
TessD. SILVER, Lewes, Delaware
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Today I Feel sad.

Summer break is nearly over, there is still homework that needs to be done, sometimes I just wish I could stay young.

Today I feel sad because I feel like the odd one out.

Everyone knows each other like beautiful grown flowers, while I'm the new growing sprout.

Often, I think about the future which makes me feel sad, since I always make it look somewhat bad.

I'm nervous to enter highschool, get into a good college, get my dream job, to paying a mortgage.

People always tell me, "don't think about the future or dwell on the past."

But to me, it all goes by too fast. 

The author's comments:

Last summer, I attended a poetry class at my local library and the poet instructors asked everyone to write a Today I Feel poem. I was feeling pretty sad that day because I was nervous about the future. So, I chose to write a poem about my fears of the future. I did my best to make everything rhyme.

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