We Soar

June 12, 2017
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We’re told to be whatever we want.
That anything is possible.
But inside empty boxes
Of false hope and false promises
Are words laced with “white” lies
Providing tight ties leaving burns on our wrists, ankles,
and brains as we are bound to society’s chains
That pull us down from the clouds where we dream of soaring into fame and fortune
To mediocrity and normalcy
And everything our children are taught to despise and are advised
To strictly avoid
Are now the very things were are pushed to like a deep void
Of averageness and beige
Where we are told to stay the same to stay safe
In a world of hate and “no such thing” as the fate
Youth dream of.
It is the duty of us,
A generation of
Future lawyers and doctors,
Future leaders,
Future everything,
To break away from our society’s chains,
And fight against the pain,
And let ourselves fly to our dreams.
We must soar.

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