June 12, 2017
By Srs226 PLATINUM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Srs226 PLATINUM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Que Sera, Sera

My reflection is telling me lies

I look in the mirror
All I see are lies

My reflection is lying to me

You might see long blonde locks
I see my lack of energy taking a toll on my appearance

You see a skinny girl
I see the days of not eating
The days of stuffing everything in my mouth
Because my body
Can't decide what it wants

You see beautiful rings on my fingers
I see the way they shake
Without my control

You see my smile
I see a forced emotion

You see my bright green eyes
I see all the tears building up inside of them
I see how swollen they are after a long night
I see the redness in them

You see a comfy laid back style
I see how lazy I have been
And how much my attitude about
Caring what others think changed


But do you really?
Are you looking at me through this mirror?
Do you see it?
It's all hiding beneath my reflection.

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