A Funeral in Maine

June 11, 2017

A moment frozen in time.
Grass, once waving.
Trees, leaves once caving.
The Tap! Tap! SPLAT! of rain,
A funeral in Maine.

Solemn eyes,
Weary eyes.
The color of mid-morning skies.

A funeral in Maine.

Long hair,
Floating on the air,
Limp against her neck, like a snare.

Soil dark brown,
Glaring like the girl’s frown.
A marker, freshly fashioned,
Carved with impassion.

A funeral in Maine.

A box drowned,
Thrust into the ground.
A life reclaimed without a sound.

A hand in a hand,
Side by side they stand,
Watching over the land.

A funeral in Maine.

Young and old together,
Two birds of a feather.
Both tied to life by a tether.

And to death by a ticking clock.

A funeral in Maine.

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