You Are

June 6, 2017
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You Are
You are a flower.
You may not have much power,
still your confidence should be as high as a tower.
In the smallest crevice,
beyond  insecurity, pain and anger,
where a golden stream of peace lies.
That’s where you can be found.
Gold and happy all around.

You are college.
Full of knowledge.
Where people reside.
You stand tall by their side.
You are always down for the ride.
Reminding everyone to have pride.
You continue with your stride,
because you are pure inside,
You have nothing to hide.

You are a book.
Sculpted with the messages of life,
Your mind is as sharp as a knife.
With your soul that is full of light.
Darling, you shine oh so bright.
People pick you from the crowd,
because your words are so silent yet so loud.
So, stand out, Shout,
and with no doubt,
everyone will hear you out.

You are the adventure.
You are a free spirit.
You are a symbol.
You are the glue.
You are the life.

You are a teenager.
You are a game changer.
The most powerful of us all.
Standing proud, and beautifully tall.
You are more than gossiping,
Or shopping at the mall.
You are wise, proud, and smart.
You are truly a work of art.
With so much love in your heart,
Honey, this is only the start.

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