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June 5, 2017
By Trevdog2 BRONZE, Whitehall, Michigan
Trevdog2 BRONZE, Whitehall, Michigan
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The land is so beautiful colored with green
Deep in the forest where everything can be seen
Life is the greatest gift ever received
Received from God the greatest family member of all
The land has been shaped by our savior
The greatest way to thank him is to continue good behavior
Forests hold nature all around where no one could frown
The best thing for someone to do is walk through the land and hear the amazing sounds
The spirit of god lives around us and watches over us with his strength
Nature is the best teacher to all
It will stop people from doing crimes
So those people do not have to do their time and continue living their lives
Adventures with families are great things to have
Exploring the woods you will find a lot of beautiful things
Deep within There will be a lot of cobweb strings
Going back home to continue enjoying nature
Sitting in a chair drinking soda
Watching the deer feed on corn
The animals are a lovely sight
They are herding into the starry night
Looking over the horizon of the deck
The moon is out and the stars are bright
The night is illuminated with a great amount of light

The author's comments:

My inspiration to writing this piece was I noticed that we do not look at nature enough. Nature is beautiful and amazing thing in todays society. People need to go on walks more. Going on peaceful and calm walks through the woods would relieve quite a bit of stress off your shoulders. The land needs to be looked at more because it has been sitting here for millennias and ever since new technology we stay inside more often. 

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