You Can't Save Them.

June 5, 2017

Look at these stones.
At first, you’d think nothing of them.
It’s just a stone. Right?
How about you try looking a little closer?
See those markings?
Those are names.
Names that have been forgotten,
By all but those closest to them.
See the dates?
They were young.
They were just starting off in the world.
How did they get here?
What did they do to deserve this?
Now look up.
Do you see this ghostly children standing around?
That is them.

These are the souls of the forgotten.
The one’s who were broken to their very core.
They lost sight of the beauty of the world.
They were damaged, beyond repair.
They were driven to seclusion.
They were driven to this evil place.
By whom?
And Why?
I have wondered the same thing.
But in the end.
Does it really matter?
Do you even care?
These poor souls were tortured.
Ridiculed by their peers.
No one cared about them.
Or so they thought.

I cared.
I tried to help,
But in the end,
I still failed.
I was there for them.
I listened to their stories.
I wept for them.
I watched their families and friends weep.
A family they never knew they had.
Friends, they have forgotten.
It hurt me.
I tried make amends for my failure.
I created groups to help troubled children.
They never really picked up though.
Taken aback by my failure, I came here.
Now turn around.

See that lone stone?
It was placed here recently.
Before I reveal the person this stone belongs to,
I want to tell you something.
Don’t make my mistake.
Those children behind us,
Can no longer be helped by the living.
Don’t even try.
You can’t save them.
But you can save the others.
There are many like them.
Many who are broken and looking for a friend in the darkness.
Show them the goodness that still hides in the world.
Now… To tell you my little secret.
This stone belongs to me.

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