Hold on

June 2, 2017
By Syd.Koenig SILVER, Telford, Pennsylvania
Syd.Koenig SILVER, Telford, Pennsylvania
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Hold onto me while you can.
This town is not holding me down by the shackles I’ve seen too many times before,
So when I can, I’m leaving
Always dreaming of so much more
Never feeling truly connected to the place that raised me
The place that gave me cuts and bruises when I fell down to remind me
The world isn’t gonna be easy, so don’t get used to it
The place that cradled my young mind into adulthood
Showing me I was smart, but I should never get too cocky
The place that created so many memories, both good and bad,
But also making sure not to take up too much room, I’ll need it later
But just because I know I don’t belong here
Does not mean I know where I’m going
Everything ahead of me is blurry but everything behind is crystal clear
Either I need a new pair of glasses,
Which is probable, I don’t even wear my glasses already,
Or maybe my future is nonexistent
I’ve never believed in destinies set in stone
But I thought I could see ahead, maybe just a little bit
But I see nothing
Maybe I’m just a bit too eager for the future,
Just a bit too eager to grow up and get out,
Just a bit too eager to know if I have a future at all
Why would I keep working at an unreachable goal
If I knew I only had a year left to live?
I don’t know which day will be my last
And I can say, without feeling ashamed,
That terrifies me
I don’t know when I’m leaving this life,
Hold onto me while you can.

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