Senior Year

June 1, 2017
By hewitag BRONZE, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
hewitag BRONZE, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
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They always say it’s the best year
but no one tells you
about the fear
that the life you knew will lose its glue

Behind the wheel, you feel alive
Fear feels like a forgotten thought
You never imagined it’d be so much fun to drive
Oh, a little blue car and the joy it’s brought

The smoke escapes from your lips
along with a cough
Is it normal to feel numb from your head to your hips?
(Cough, cough, cough)
All the innocent kids scoff

Manhattan, a city I thought was ours
It was our playground for the story of love
You would kill me for hanging out at sketchy bars
I found the bitter sweetness of your forgotten love in a cup
(the love that all the romantics talk about)

Your mind feels like a weight
Your bed feels like a home
Chaos is what you create
My love, you will be rebuilt like Rome

Fairytale romance creeps in your dreams
Every boy feels like “the one”
It might be as strange as it seems
But please believe that you’re the prize your heart has won

In a week, the faces and halls will become a blur
The small world you’ve created will be gone, gone, gone
You’ll always remember the girl you were
Your heartbeat of memories will always beat on

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