June 1, 2017
By adybar BRONZE, Steilacoom, Washington
adybar BRONZE, Steilacoom, Washington
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The guilt, it boils.
It unravels in my shivers late at night
when the water is quiet
and the streetlights poke at stubborn eyes.

It reminds me of the words that tumbled out of mouth
that tasted like cherries and petroleum jelly in the summer and
when they echo back surreptitiously on the cold cusp of Autumn.

The ones that swarm
and bottle up in a too full mind,
spilling, spilling
into the sound that lives outside my window.

It reminds me of you
and the heart that caged me.
The soft and the sweet,
the rushed and worn.

Regrets, piled high, spoken smooth.
Keep me awake, keep me sane.
Keep me and keep my regrets too.

The author's comments:

This piece is inspired by the guilt that is invoked from various mental illnesses, but particularly anxiety. My endless mind of worry isn't ideal, but it's put at ease when you find that special someone whose words calm your soul. 

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