To Learn To Love

June 1, 2017
By Anonymous

I can’t seem to close it again.
Or get out of bed in the morning
Because my hands shake,
And to love you need to be steady.

I can't seem to get it out of my head because
There are so many nights I think of what I could have done.
Because my head aches,
And to love you need to be okay.

I feel like you're here with me again.
but it's just the air through the car window against my cheek.
I can't help but break,
And to love you need to fix.

I can't help but miss you when you leave.
Sick as it sounds, I miss the fighting too.
all we seemed to do was argue, that's all I knew of you.
And to love you need to stay quiet.

I can't help but miss the laughs.
and cry when it's all gone.
because I don't like change,
and to love you need to move on.

You're never here.
You're in my head still.
Because I can't seem to forget,
and to love you need to forgive.

There are so many days I wake up and wish I had not.
Do you feel the same way?
because I want to be the same,
and to love, you must relate.

It's useless, and I’m so young.
But I can't help to think of what we could have been.
Because I want to be more to you,
and to love you need to wonder.

I miss the days before we both faded.
Before you started relying on objects to help.
Because I wanted to be there,
but to love you must distance yourself.

I'm learning to hate you
So that I don't get hurt.
because that's what I've learned,
and to love you lead by example.

Another thing I’m trying to learn
is not to let these things in so much.
because I want to care about more than just you,
and to love you must start with yourself.

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