Broken Without You

May 31, 2017

You were here, now you're not

You brightened up my life

But the light has forever extinguished

Now I dwell in the abyss of darkness and loneliness

For my other half has disappeared

The sun to my rainy day

Calming waters to my raging fire

Pure white to my deathly black

The rainbows to my bleak sky

Joyful songs to my ear-splitting silence

Vibrant flowers to my lifeless garden

The moon and stars that filled up my vast night sky

You kept me alive

Now I am nothing

I am broken without you--

The glue that held me together

I am empty; for my soul has ripped apart

My heart is shattered

The joy and laughter eternally gone

I am merely a half of a whole

Forever incomplete

Until the end of my existence

I am alone

You have gone on without me

Always remembered as the light to my darkness

For the rest of eternity

You will lie in your grave

Peaceful, serene

Forever and ever

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