Lust or Love

May 31, 2017
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I know this girl.
That fell in a pit of young lost love.
She is comfortably lost in a world so hateful and cruel.
But one guy just makes it seem so perfect and new.

No one said love wouldn’t be so complicated
But they flow through it easier than they ever estimated.
She is so captivated by this guy,
But what she doesn't realize, is the hurt she is hiding inside.

He leaves her every night.
She looks but he is nowhere in sight.
He leaves a void in her heart,
She feels like falling apart.

She is tired of playing these childish games,
With someone who claims he loves her gorgeous gaze 
But for he only loves her body’s curves and waves.
Once she is brave, to get rid of this craze.
She would only think of him as a phase.

She will never look back to the past,
Not even a glance,
From her life lessons of love and hate.

It still penetrates her life of existence.
She tries to keep her distance.
So she would be able to take the path of least resistance.

Her appetite for love is out of control.
She can only think about,
How love comes so slow,and leaves so fast,
Because that’s what she learned from her horrid past.

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