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May 26, 2017
By tersa BRONZE, Palm Desert , California
tersa BRONZE, Palm Desert , California
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I am  from water. Where I was created in and die with.  So memorizing so cold yet, So dangerous, and bold.

I am from air, with the scorching desert sun beating down on me, the sweat drips down my back and neck and later evaporating  it.

I am from blood, I am flesh, inside my mother while i'm slowing developing, while the chaos from the outside, am blocked by it all. 

I am from nothing extraordinary,whom came here with nothing more than the concern of his young one as see she may die over there. SO he saved everything for her to come.

I am from love, emotions. Coming from happiness and everything below and above. I try to be funny, so i made everything a joke for I am still laughing at.

I am from sound. The deafening sound of screams of my mother of both pain and happiness in labor, which was an audition for Life and Death. Which sounds they both loved but Death want to steal kiss, but Life took me quickly into its arms and held with its arms full of warmth,love,hopes,dreams,and promises slowly whispered in my ear.  

I am from Time. Momentary as it may seem to Time, but for my mother is was  brief and unexpecting she has always said to me,an accident yes and a surprising one too, and delighted and unregrettable one yet.

I am from these moments
I am from these memories

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