May 29, 2017
By hannahrinko BRONZE, Merrimack, New Hampshire
hannahrinko BRONZE, Merrimack, New Hampshire
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every morning as my hands find my phone
my nose crinkles at the thought of getting out of my warm cocoon

my feet find this rug and my mind thinks of you
my heart warms bringing a smile to my face

i took this rug from your house for many reasons, but one of them being

as this life robs you of all you are, all you were, and all you wanted to be
releasing your memories like butterflies into a field

i don’t ever want to let myself forget

i will not chase the butterflies, attempting to capture them, saving them in a jar

i will watch them fly, traveling the world
making a heart happy and soul smile
And with you, i will release my own butterflies.

and as you begin to forget me and who i am and how much i love you
i will remember enough for the both of us

with each day, as you forget, i will remember
i will smile, watching each unique butterfly pass by

i will smile at all the times you’ve made me laugh
your stories
your quirks
your house
and your immense amount of love.

my voice will tell your stories for you and my mind will remember for you
my heart will love all who you've loved

while the time to make new memories will only shorten
you will never cease to be apart of my life

forever and always i will love you grandma

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