May 22, 2017
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What a simple but complicated word
People just don’t know what to say
There are so many questions
Haven't you heard??

So what are you??
Are you both black and white??
If you could, which would you choose??
Oh you're black, so you're African American right??
Which parent is black??
Which parent is white??
Do they know how to deal with you being mixed??

Enough with the questions
Let's talk about some other stuff
About how I'll never fit in
About how I'll never be enough
Not "white" enough for the white girls
But too "white" to be black
"White" because I speak with proper grammar
And don’t act like a "thug"
But it's different for light skins
"You don't know what it's really like to be black"
Is what they say
Pretty for a colored girl
But why is our world based on the various shades of life??
Beauty is beauty 
Let's be colorblind 

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