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May 22, 2017
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I am from flakey, warm latkes dripping soft, sweet applesauce.
From fresh, fluffy challah smeared in warm, melted butter,
I am from small but valuable presents every night.
From one large one at the end of the eight day cycle,
I am from excited faces as family members tears violently at the smooth colorful  wrapping paper.

I am from dark brown socks that were once white.
From dirty shin guards, mud crusted on the edges,
I am from sweaty feet and squished toes.
From tomato red faces in every part of my vision,
I am from sprinting down through the freshly cut wet, dewy grass.
From seeing the black and white round ball crash into the top corner,
the net rippling like a wave.

I am from planning ridiculous costumes with my friends.
From white pillowcases overflowing with candies of all kind,
I am from racing from one house to another to get first pick at the candy.
From mouthwatering, gooey goodness,
I am from chocolate, sticky residue from the sweet object just consumed.

I am from celebrating constant birthdays and holidays,
making decisions about what to do when I am unsure,
and supporting those around me and being supported in return.
I am from watching classic and foreign movies together.
From fighting here and fighting there,
From laughing hysterically at the weirdest things and good times,
I am from beautiful and hilarious vacations almost every summer.

I am from long five hour plane rides.
from seeing my other family members that I rarely see,
I am from jovial faces when we spot each other.
From going every single year during spring or winter break,
I am from my Aunts giant mansion with a beautiful, cobblestone driveway and backyard.
From travelling to their ranch, horses everywhere in sight,
I am from their small black and white c***er spaniel.

I am from my dog Buddy.
From cuddling on the couch,
I am from petting his soft curly fur.
From friendly and adorable eyes staring into my mine,
I am from watching him prance through the long green grass.
From spotting him carefully walking through the wet grass as if afraid of the feeling,
I am from getting the name of the internet.
From seeing other names like pickle and hot dog and laughing hysterically with my sister.

I am from camping in the great outdoors.
From swatting mosquitoes as they zoom past my face,
I am from being squished in the tent filled with four people when the package says it fits three.
From swimming in the crowded, refreshing lake,
I am from eating gooey, sticky s’mores.
From fishing in the bright blue body of water.

I am from going to the small, old library.
From them knowing my name,
I am from quietly speed walking over to the section I belong in.
From graduating upstairs from the little kids section to the young adult section,
I am from arriving home and racing upstairs.
From flipping through the thin, rough pages.
I am from finishing the amazing book by the end of the night.

I am from constant vacations almost every summer.
From spending a week to two weeks in the desert like area,
I am from the beautiful clear oceans of the Dominican Republic.
From slipping my wish through the tiny cracks of the large wailing wall,
I am from the nice beaches and refreshing waters of the Outer Banks.

I am from trampling down the street too my neighbors houses,
playing manhunt in the pitch black yards,
hanging with the little ones and the older ones.
From teaching some of them how to spell turtle,
I am from eating delicious cheesy snacks.
From knowing we will always have each other’s backs.

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