All Heart, No Soul

May 30, 2017
By diamond7369 BRONZE, Verona, Wisconsin
diamond7369 BRONZE, Verona, Wisconsin
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Rich auburn head of hair;

Freakles glittering on pasty white skin;

Orignal farm, wood smoked scent;

All attached to strong, fable arms

That wrap around me.


Arms the enclose me

From the destructive path

Head toward me.


You made yourself at hand

Not always within reach

But apart of my thoughts.

Night and Day

Rain or Shine


You worked your way into my heart like honey.

I never had a chance of getting away--

To put my gaurd up,

Becasue you became my guard.


Suddenly my guard dispersed

And I was left defenseless.

I had enemy forces charging headlong towards me.


I learned to build my own gaurd,

My own army.

I trudged forward.

I obliterate stupid freckles,

Odscure auburn hair,

And farm, wood smoked stench.


They broke my heart.

They lefted me exposed.

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