Fish Poem

May 30, 2017
By Caral BRONZE, Meadville, Pennsylvania
Caral BRONZE, Meadville, Pennsylvania
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I wonder lonely as a fish

Hoping I am not a shark's next dish

Because I love living down in the sea

Wherever you are you have a place to pee

I have black, orange and white stripesĀ 

Just like nemo, remember when he got stuck in a pipe?

I do not care when people call me a clown

It never seems to bring me down.

I swim all day all night

The dark is not what I fright.

What I fear is people who think I'm yummy

I'm supposed to be in the sea, not someone's tummy.

I wonder how humans feel

If we had them for our meals.

Now that's my poem, you feel me dude?

And always remember, fish are friends not food!

The author's comments:

Fish are cute

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