Foreign Poetry

May 26, 2017
By Anonymous

I do not think I have found my inner voice yet. I would say that a lot of my writing, especially my poetry, is fueled by my political empowerment. My spoken word poetry is very emotional, and I think that my best writing embodies my emotions and feelings towards taboo subjects like feminism and sexism.

Chapter 1: Birds used to Sing

Somewhere in the middle I got lost
Lost in the madness of emotions
It was like a tidal wave
Crashing onto the shore
Tearing down houses in the process
I recall the birds singing outside
That was before we lost the fight
Before you lost the fight

For days I didn’t know what to do with my hands
cold and dry
Bitten by the fangs of a never ending winter
Like the surface beneath our feet
What once was our house was no more
No more warmth or cackling in the halls
No more board games and kisses on our cheeks
No more sneaking chocolate while everyone looked away
The wave tore down everything we had
Drowned our sorrows and revived them from the dead
Tore apart our hearts
Left us breathless
I recall the birds singing outside our window
Singing a song of spring
This year you don’t get to hear our song
But I hear it, once again

Chapter 2: Poem #4

I wish I learned
that all things come to an end
We can’t always choose the outcome of a situation
and that’s all right
Love comes to an end more quickly
than you can say “I love you”
Quicker than the clouds above us move
Quicker than the ocean waves crash ashore
only to leave you missing and wanting more
of a love you wish could last forever
Sometimes, love comes to an end so quickly
that we forget to cherish it in the moment
I forget to cherish love a lot
I don’t say what I want to say when my love holds my hand
I put my armor on and march into war
with emotions and feelings
And when the war has ended
When everything has settled
My love has come to an end
A dead street ringing with the silence of words unspoken

I know everyone will have a moment
where they wish they could go back
and say more
act more
do more things
than they did yesterday
With love, that is the only thing that never comes to an end
I never stop wanting more
I beat myself until the bruises ooze with warmth and affection
“Love me”
the dark purple spots groan
“Why don’t you love me?”
Love comes to an end more quickly
than a text is sent
In fact, it ends so quickly
that most of the time, I don’t even bother sending the text
Love takes over
And when everything's said and done
you either walk out of that battlefield
with one leg intact
and your head high
or you get carried out covered in stab wounds and suffering from  PTSD
from a fight that you could not win
Love comes to an end faster than Usain Bolt can run
Faster than any wild animal
It crashes
than a wine glass dropped from a twenty-story building
Faster than anyone could catch you from that same building
It leaves you breathless
incapable of expression
But the flutter of your heart when you see their smile
is enough to keep you fighting
For love

Chapter 3: Spoken Word: The Friend Zone

Welcome to the friend zone,
pal, you’ve made it this far!
This is also coincidentally the furthest you’ll get

The friend zone is such a widely spread phenomenon
But I am here to tell you
Sorry to break it to you, buddy
The friend zone is a made up concept
it’s a way to justify your rejection
it’s also a scapegoat for assholes
when they feel like their female friends “owe” them something
By something, I am of course talking about... a good ol’ high five
I mean sex
They want sex
To be completely honest
I am sure most girls will be stuck in this “friend zone”
Because truly, it is not the pursuer who is stuck here
No, it is the poor human being who has to listen to the bullcrap
about a certain zone guys get put in
when they failed to get with someone
they pretended to be friends with
for that sole purpose.
First of all,
are we actually friends, or is this a ploy to get in my pants?
and second,
What the hell is wrong with you?

I mean,
when I make friends, I kinda hope they’ll stick around
even if I don’t want to put my nice moisturized lips
on their crusty ones
It’s not like I befriended you because I wanted
to get in those pants your mom washes for you
Oh, poor you,
I am such a horrible person
(psst.. this is where you contradict yourself by calling me a slut for not wanting to sleep with you)
But hey,
at least you don’t have to pretend to actually be my friend anymore
Hurrah, another scumbag separated from the pack

Today was a good day…

You know,
you should really consider your options here
‘cause, knowing me
I would just pursue you if I really wanted you
but I guess you didn’t take your time to figure that out
now did ya, mister?
You’re mighty angry now, I can tell
but wait two weeks and I’m sure to get a late night text sayin
“hey… u up” insert weird tongue emoji
To which I’ll promptly respond to by turning my phone off
and laying in bed wondering whatever happened to Joe Biden after the election
‘Cause, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed
but I don’t care about idiots who plan to take advantage of my trust
And I definitely do not want to hang out with you and your buddy on a camping trip

Actually, I want to reinvent this word
From now on, friend zone is no longer the place where
desperate people get sent after rejection
No, the friend zone
is the place all your best friends are
There’s a bouncy castle and pizza
and no ignorant people who feel entitled to your body
cause they’ve “earned” it by being a decent human being
Nope, there’s none of that
Just you, your lads
and a good time
Cause isn’t that truly what friendship should be about?
I think so.

The author's comments:

I took this class hoping that I would discover myself creatively through writing, and I definitely have seen a change in my work over the semester. My work has become more detail oriented, more expressive, and more fun to create.

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