May 18, 2017
By brik25 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
brik25 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I was a daddy's girl,
that always got what I wanted,
whether it was a candy bar or
new shoes.
I learned that patience
is the golden rule.
I’ve held a special place
in my heart for any and all
furry four legged friends.
I’ve heard many a stories
of days simpler than today.
I lost a lot of friends,
but I’ve made better ones.
I’ve held many toads that
dad has almost run over
cutting lawn.
Naming all of them and
making them homes,
until one morning they escape or are lifeless.
My friends pick on me,
only because I’m short.
My guardian angel
is my older brother,
though I never knew him.
I’ve had some crazy experiences,
like driving 26 hours straight to Arizona,
since my dad is always taking us on family trips.
I tell you there’s nothing better than watching
the sunset over the Rocky Mountains.
And I have been hopeless,
when it comes to love.
I saw my dog die
I saw my dog die
And I’ll never forget growing up with her,
giving her my dinner because I wasn’t a fan of it.
I once told my dog I wished she run away,
but took it back right away.
I’m still shy,
I once fell down cement stairs,
in heels and a dress.
I once kissed a boy I didn’t like.
I only once told one boy I loved him.
Twice, I’ve been to Disney World,
where magic happens.
I’ve driven through
at least a quarter of the fifty states,
not much to see in Iowa.
I have gone parasailing
more often than most Wisconsinites.
I got in a car accident,
walking away with one small bruise,
but the car totaled.
I’ve melted crayons together in the microwave,
but they burned so the house smelt of burnt crayons.
I’ve fallen asleep at campfires,
only to wake up to someone drawing on my face.
I’ve often lost bobby pins.
I’ve been scared by imaginary monsters under my bed,
waiting to eat me in the darkness of night.
I have collected seashells
in shoe boxes,
and put worms on fishing hooks.
The smell of beer cookies
brings back memories of Grandma Redlin,
oh how I wish to have her tell me
she doesn’t know who I am one more time.
I’ve felt the adrenaline rush
from jumping off a cliff,
known the pain Alzheimer’s can cause,
seen the beauty of a baby enter this world.
I have fallen in love once.
My baby blanket just scraps now.
I am still shy.

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