Beneath The Grains

May 17, 2017
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Out of the reaches of Man
Where no one can find you
As our kind fades like the sunset
An outlier lays within the future
She’s like us
With the difference being
A purpose for her

Way on down South
Where many more are like her
Many more like us
Where it's okay to be a little different

As for me, and the man who is like
A Father to me
We wait to save up for the Gulf coast

That was the plan
Until Uncle Sam
came a’ knocking
As the law came a rolling
We head for the dock
With only our witt
And our will

With the days going bye
The weeks passing as well
The fields of green turn to sand
The mountains of snow turn brown
And the concrete turns to dirt

There with the world
I see a star, a bright one
With it rising up from
The canyon of grandness
With a beam reflecting
From the rocks

It was the sign
As to what though,
I have no idea.

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