Why is there suffering

May 22, 2017
By Anonymous

I was once asked a question that had perplexed me for quite a while

I was asked why there was suffering and why those who don’t deserve it receive it

How could there be a reason why so many live in misery, not just here but also abroad

Is it because of the conceited people on earth or the negligence of God.

The truth is that the horrors innocents face are real even though some won’t admit

But I pondered this and by watching others experience pain I realized

God is not ignoring our prayers, he’s sending hope through the people around us

If you’d  take a step back you’d  see the outcome of hardship is  compassion

You’d find that humans, in times of destruction and pain will give up their ration

They will put aside their differences and stand together for a common cause

Humans are fickle that way

They can be the one who strikes the cheek but they can also be the one to kiss it

They can be fragile and sensitive like the skeleton of a leaf or strong and sturdy as a mountain

They can be incandescently happy or sing the sorrowful tune of a wren

The human condition is trying to finding the optimism in suffering even just a little bit

In a way Im at peace with suffering

Because I’ve seen that the world is full of devastation but this makes me love the happy days all the more

Without experiencing the valley how would we know we have made it to the peak

So I can answer this question with certainty, that the world may seem bleak

But this is done purposefully, so that we can help, and love each day of blessings evermore

The author's comments:

I was onced asked why there was so much suffering in the world.

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