May 22, 2017

How beautiful it once was
How magnificent it still is
The chapel glows red
In the morgue lay the dead
Which road to take
Is it ever too late
The crippled trees reach for the sky
Old buildings hang on to a previous life
Out in the courtyard sits a fountain
Waiting patiently
A rusty yellow slide brings up memories of lost childhood
Neighborhoods stand empty, yet remain frozen in time
As if waiting for their inhabitants to return home
Nestled deep inside rocky hills
Are stairs that lead to nowhere
Lecture halls and playgrounds
Are silent
A man motions on a white screen
A skeleton is left behind
In its tranquil beauty
A dark festival lights up the purple night
What lies behind the faded curtain
The clouds turn red
Painted by the dead
Welcome to memories past
Not every soul is free
The stories untold are now covered in mold
As homes and beds wait in the cold
Memories are placed in morgue drawers
As the coffins turn to dust

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