Tiger Mama

May 21, 2017
By mae_day BRONZE, Olive Branch, Mississippi
mae_day BRONZE, Olive Branch, Mississippi
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Favorite Quote:
"There is only one way to avoid criticism; do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing."

Mama didn’t raise no fool,
No, she just raised one hell of a tool.
Tiger mama,
With a different kind of drama.
So caught up with the past,
She doesn’t know how to make the future last
For the next generation.
Bullshit reasons,
Incoming seasons,
Past mistakes still shake
Her world.
So caught up with her own vision,
She never listens,
Never really cares,
Only envisions a life of perfection,
And constant connection.

Tiger mama didn’t raise no fool,
No, she just raised one hell of
An ice queen of supreme proportions,
Wasting the days away,

On meaningless tasks.
One more score,
One more award,
Waiting for the day when it’ll be enough
For the tiger mama with a different kind of drama.

Oh mama,
Love me for my mistakes,
Embrace my aches,
My bruises,
My simple imperfections,
The small things I call my own.
I only ask
That you love me for who I am,
Not who I could be.
Don’t idealize,
Only realize
Who I am
And who I want to be.


My mama didn’t raise no fool,
She just raised one hell of a tool,
She raised an ice queen supreme,
Ready for the next order,
The next command,
To stay perfectly perfect,
Inside the lines.

But guess what?
This tool,
This ice queen supreme,
This daughter of the tiger mama with the drama
Is biding her time,
Waiting for the
Endless restrictions to cease,
For her feet reach the ground,
So that she may walk of her own accord.

This daughter of the most wonderful mama,
Who has her own mistakes,
Own hopes ,and own dreams,
Still loves her Mama for who she is,
But seeks to slay the beast within.



Hear me,

Hear my plea,

Please leave me be

Let me be free,
and be in charge of my own destiny.


The author's comments:

This poem is close to my heart. It's meant to be said in time to a beat. The anger and frustration are real, and the beat was inspired by Eminem. Follow it at your own free will, as you should with art. Finally, some last words of wisdom:


Live for yourself,

and nobody else.

Be true to you,

and embrace all your edges,

your perfect imperfections.

Love all of yourself.

As the Suess man says,

"Today you are you!

 That is Truer than true!

 There is no one alive

 Who is you-er than you!"

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