The World is Not My Sanc-tu-ary

May 19, 2017
By SavalasLindsey BRONZE, Plano, Texas
SavalasLindsey BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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The world is not my place of peace.  It only offers me reality.  Reality that teaches me the value of following a given sets of rules and using the tools that traditionally map out a “Successful Life.”  Some may feel having a big house with a family and a great job is all you need for happiness. I choose to do what I love and grow spiritually.  I do not wish to be a part of a system that requires me to be close minded, but instead expand my thinking and become a better human every day. I will enlighten people along the way.  That’s my identity. I believe in teaching people how to overcome their hardships through spiritual introspection.

Black as the night that sits in space/
Back against the wall when you face your faith/ back before I understood the humans race, before I understood this evil place/ can't understand if you don't relate/ nobody ever made a cake on your death date/ notice no one ever celebrates your death
I can't dream anymore/ I toss and scream in the winter cold/ I mean it feels that hell on Earth is only getting worse, I see why people want to overdose/ I see why  people have  broken souls, /nobody ever wants to die, we just don't want to hurt anymore/

Trying to heal my hurt/ before it kills me first/so I can understand the price of life and what it's truly worth/ but the truth is worse

The truth is the world is very scary/ but when I write I finally find my Sanctuary.

The author's comments:

I am about philosophical thinking, writing, and making my loved ones happy. When I write, I get all my feelings out and am always surprised by what comes out and the feelings I have. 

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