Once Upon a Time..

May 19, 2017
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Looking  through the pictures,
Swiping till I find you,
I’ve never seen someone so alluring--
As if you are an angel that has been sent down
To help this lonesome soul find peace.
Eyes as clear as diamonds,
Hair so rich and blonde--almost golden.
I’m swayed.
The future is in reach.
My hands grasp at what awaits.
Our children will hear
A modern fairy tale of how I found you.
No discussion needed.
I have to see you.

The restaurant is a chapel
So tranquil and elegant.
Divine chardonnay,
Mouth watering filet mignon,
Decadent creme brulee,
And you’re here.
But something is off.
A little paranoia is visiting,
But I’m fine.
This night could not get anymore perfect
Unless God himself came to give his consent.
You want me to come to your home?
My rushing into things too fast
Is as possible as my trying to grow wings,
But if this is the path to lavish endearment,
I must learn to fly.
My chariot awaits in the form of a Porsche.
A castle so massive… 
That it’s aesthetically frightening,
A fairytale come true.
When I leave this world,
Even though it feels so empty,
I wish to die in a place this heavenly.

I’ve met you, the token to a well deserved life.

A present for me?
Excitement is running so fast,
The only way to catch up is
To finally take off the blinds of ignorance.
Your humor is a gift in itself, or
Reality must cease to exist. 
I may be falling,
But I’m still falling for you,
So I must be dreaming.

I once saw you on a screen.
Now I see my own reflection
Held right out in front of me
Taunting me.
Stabbed with my own blade
As the smell of metal
And red waters spew.
While I lay in a daze,
I take another look
In disgust.
It was I who invited the devil
To take my last breath.

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Miss.Muffet said...
May 25 at 10:26 am
This is amazing! Great imagery! I especially love the ending because its so tense and beautifully written.
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