Being Strong For Them

May 19, 2017
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The earth keeps spinning, the days keep ending, the time keeps passing

and I am in the middle of a world of chaos.
You left me without a warning.
As a child growing up, death seemed like a scary story people would say.
The hard truth hit me with out any signs of it coming.

I saw you in a box that seemed to be your bed
You were stiff,cold,and pale.
Like a beautiful rose it was your time to fade away from the human race.

I never wanted to be living a life without you.
You taught me to stand up when someone brought me down,
Taught me to show fear to someone who tries to push me to the lowest ground,
Showed me to have hope when no one else would
Showed me the strategy to fight when others told me to just deal with it.
Now you are gone.
I’m alone in a world that just waits for the chance to make me fall and keep me down.

My family is shattered, broken, devastated.
They lean on each other to gain strength, and I am in my room looking at my reflection.
How will I build up strength to be there for my family?
Will I ever recover from this hole that has become permanent?
Like a tattoo you have a left a mark in my life,
Now all that is left is a simple mark reminding me of your sudden absence in my life.

I refuse to throw the towel in the fight that is barely beginning. Yes I know you're gone physically, but I know that you'll always be by my side. Giving me strength to keep going.

I'll be the one to have my family keep going.
You raised me to be a strong, confident and intelligent girl.
I promise I will not let you down,
I will do everything needed to help my family recover.

We will miss you dearly.
You'll always be my best friend.
I love you.

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