The Trail from Heaven to Hell

May 11, 2017

Now come one, come all, to the Holy Grail,
where I shall tell, a beautiful tale.

Especially the sinner’s who were hung on a nail,
or those that were supposed to but had bail,
I have a great tale to tell,
one that could save you from the Gates of Hell.
Of the way to reach Heaven’s Rail,
Of the only safe trail,
Out of the Gates of Hell.

The journey to Heaven’s Rail,
starts from the Gates of Hell,
where you will be given a choice of a rusty cell,
or a white glowing bell.
You must choose the rusty cell,
this is important otherwise you will fail.

The next part you must charge the cell,
continue the trail down through hell,
once you reach the town in Hell,
find the store that sells ginger ale,
and ask for the fallen angel Noel,
she will take you to an iron rusty well.

Once you reach the well,
look for a iron rusty pail,
then attach it to the hook in the well,
put the cell in it parallel,
to the sides of the pail,
but be careful the cell is quite frail,
when it touches the pail.

Now you must turn away from the well,
and say the reason why you went to Hell,
then appears a glowing white quail,
and if he judges you worthy you’ll hear a bell.

Do not dwell,
grab the cell,
take the trail,
run like hell,
find the rail.

Look at your hand to find the Holy Grail,
that what was the rusty cell,
get on the white train on the rail,
take a seat, you're on the right trail.

If you look around, your family and friends are the trains personnel,
now you can say your farewells.

When the train reaches vale,
get off the rail,
and take the trail,
to a glowing white stairwell,
you are now so close to leaving hell.

Climb the stairwell,
carry the Holy Grail,
once you reach the top push the doorbell,
your soul will repel,
back out of Hell.

Rejoice you did not fail,
you succeeded out of Hell,
heaven now awaits for you to dwell!

That is my tale,
of how to get out of Hell.

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