Grandpa Schramm

May 11, 2017
By Anonymous

Opening the door to the dark, cold basement --

Fish tanks lining the sides glowing upon the concrete steps.

Sliding my hand on the wall --

The dusty town appeared.

Little people, frozen in their actions --

Positioned in their permanent setting.

The control panel sitting near --

I shift my fingers and turn the switch.

Life breathes back into the metal beast, watching it zip by, breaking through the dirty, thick air. Dust lying behind while the people rejoice and dance to the folk music of the buildings, 

while the lights flash in bright colors all around. The train pushing and getting prepared to get up and over the steep hill, climbing as it lets out a long, loud whistle.

Rushing around the corner, surrounding us as it moves and breathes.

Showing us the lay of the land, taking us on its journey.

In and out of tunnels letting out a horrific roar, then suddenly falling fast, reaching to its end.--

Halting in a complete stop at the station.

I hear his voice, and his familiar words speak out once more,
“How fast should we go this time?”

The author's comments:

This piece is dedicated to my grandfather who would always show me his train set up that he made himself. In the poem I made it very symbolic to life and how you can either make it fly by and try to get through it as fast as possible or how you can slow it down and enjoy the little moments. Many people, such as myself just want to grow up and start taking on the new responcibilities such as a job or children but in reality, everyone lives one time as far as we know and we have to learn to enjoy it. to represent the trian more throughout the story and to show the reader that the train is a key component to the story I made the sentance structure into tracks and having it show the reader that its a never ending cycle of lifr and death by placing the last two lines in the same 2 line structure to show its repetitiveness. 

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