High School Relationships

May 11, 2017
By Alaya.M.H BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
Alaya.M.H BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
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It's complicated.
That's what the on-off couples always say
When outsiders ask them to DTR
"Define the relationship

Others who wait till their parents are sleep
And the "You up" text that comes around 3
Just to sneak around & sweat in the back seat
Never Speak
High School relationships

This is similar to the kids who are shy
Meeting the eyes that ignites fire inside
But self-esteem not so high, so they keep
Their voice in the passenger side but their
Silence in the backseat letting it drive
High School Relationships

Then here comes the kids
Fresh out of middle school
Upperclassmen girls sees the boys as annoying pest
Who can't reach their full potential
But the senior boys  sees the freshman girls
As fresh meat.
High School relationships

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