May 11, 2017

Sweet like honey on the tip of my tongue
A heart as vast as the oceans side by side
So tell me why?
Why do you look for love in the wrong places?
Tumbling in sheets, you seek desperately
to find the home you’ve been searching for,
the soul wrenching love your entire being cries out for
Oh, sweet honey
Stop searching for a love that lights your body on fire
In the angry fists of your ex boyfriend,
In house parties with s***ty mixed drinks,
Or in the persistent touches of a boy who has not yet learned to be a man.
Search for love instead
In watercolor sunsets and the silky coat of your neighbor’s dog
In the luxury of mint ice cream in the wave of July heat
In the kind eyes of someone who only wishes for you to grow and be happy
So for the love of God
And for the sake of your sanity-
Stop looking for love in the wrong places

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