The Dream, The Ride, The Life

May 10, 2017
By gummy_spamm BRONZE, Woodstock Valley, Connecticut
gummy_spamm BRONZE, Woodstock Valley, Connecticut
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The excitment of being there

The echoing of your voice trying to get your trusty steed

Gathering all your newly polished tack at the spot of your choice

Spending quality time loving your four legged friend

Matching everything perfectly with your hair combed straight

It's the dream

When you see all your colleagues out riding 

Having that feeling of being one with your horse

The adrealine rush as your gallop away 

That moment when your breath is capsized when your take flight

The well needed cool down bareback

It's the ride

Having early morings and late nights 

Vet bills and show fees

The forever best friend that will always stay close to your heart

Taking hay out of places there shouldn't hay

And forgetting to brush your hair

Loving something uncondionally 

It's the Life

The author's comments:

This poem that I wrote is about a horse that was close to me. Her name was Rosie Sheba. I knew her when I was little and she was the first horse I trusted. She passed a couple years ago due to collic and old age. She was a beautiful white horse and was sassy. But she loved what she did and her rider with all of her heart. 

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