Rejection at its Finest

May 9, 2017

I see you testing my patience
I see you waiting me out
I see what you want me to do here
But I find it hard to get out
Let me come nearer
Every time I slip from fear
Because I do these things again and again
Imagining those ones to be better for me
Than who they really are
Or than who I imagine them to be
And I am scraped by another scar
So it sometimes feels like a bother
When another one greets me at night
And another one declares the sights
He has set on me
And I don't know how to reveal delight
In whoever has seen this kind of light
That's not how I feel
That's not what I want
Tell it to them
That I never meant
To display my heart a steal
I find my interests wander off
For every typical reason
Every single time
One looks me in the eye
I fear my own rejection
I've faced it many times
The worst thing I could do here
Is dwell on hesitation
And I don't want others to feel
The way they felt when they admired me
When I thought of nothing other than true respect
For those who could do great things

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