May 9, 2017
By mmilanin BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
mmilanin BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
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Black and white, the world bleak and lifeless.
Tired of feeling, tired of worrying, tired of being down.
Feeling trapped inside a place that is not escapable,
Seeming carefree on the surface, but something else inside.


The world around, blue skies, white foamy waves,
And the grains of sugar like sand.
Water just beneath the waist,
And the seagulls yelling back and forth having a conversation.


One, Two, Three, submerged completely in the endless world of the ocean.
Water encompassing the entire body, still, and peaceful
Where everything is unknown, and everything is alone.
All sounds are ceased, all feelings slip away.
The coldness of the water soothing a hot sunburnt face,
Eyes closed, Ears tuning out, and Mouth shut.
No senses, no breath, no smell.
Worry is released, and the bad memories are forgotten.


A sense of being released from the prison that is our body,
Freedom from the enemy that is yourself.
Separation from the things causing pain, and connection
With the thoughts that bring joy.


One, Two, Three. A sudden release from
The shell of protection,
And the feeling of peace is suddenly captured, and taken away.
The senses return, and
That feeling of pain resumes,
With the shattering revelation that this is the reality.

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