A Twisted Princess Story

May 15, 2017
By prieto BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
prieto BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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Once upon a time, there was an ugly Grinch, name Gretchen Grinch.  She used to live an amazing life until she was put under a spell by an evil grasshopper.  She used to be a beautiful princess with long nappy hair.  It was so beautiful, there used to be rats crawling up and down and living in her hair.  Her nose had warts and her teeth were yellowed with a film of fuzz.

Gretchen Grinch was put under a spell because she was too nice.  She would let people walk all over her and call her names because of her big nose. When Gretchen Grinch met the grasshopper he said,, “You need to eat this apple. “ She was so nice that she ate the apple.  As she ate the apple, she turned into a princess
The grasshopper said, “that’s what you get for being so nice.  You're always so giving, your always so helping.  Now you will be a princess until your learn to be mean.”  As she sits in her beautiful/ugly looking castle, she tries to figure out how to be mean.  She says, “Well maybe I can buy someone food.”  And then, she sat in her room wondering where she went wrong, because buying someone food was not mean.

She went into the world, and watched as other people being mean to see if she could do it.  She learned that every time she was being mean, she always apologized.  It wasn’t really changing her face.  She thought maybe she could find a boyfriend who was mean, so he could help her be mean.  She was so ugly that nobody wanted her, and nobody wanted to see her.  So she locked herself in her castle for 2 years.

  Since she was rich, she hired a bell boy.  He was going to buy her food, and get all the supplies she needed.  She thought, this is how i'm going to live my life forever just for being nice.  What can I do?  What can I do?3  months later a dad and a little girl came to the door trying to get her to buy cookies.  She said, “Yay!!  This is my chance to be rude.”
As she opened the door, the little girl offered her some thin mints.  She looked at the little girl thinking, darn I really want those cookies.   She took the cookies and said,  “Leave you ugly mutt!”  The little girl starts running and crying.  As the girl left, she realized, “Hey being mean kind of feels good.”  As her skin started changing back to itself, she thought being cruel wasn’t that bad.

She started being very rude to everyone who was in her community by stealing food, taking stuff, and yelling at people, etc… She was looking at herself, and how  she used to look so pretty.  About 6 months later, she was almost pretty again. 

She kept living her life as a B.A.B and telling people how it is.  She thought, Hmmm.. when am I going to ever meet this ugly grasshopper again so I can catch him outside. She thought that she should look for that grasshopper so she packed her bags and started travelling to find the grasshopper to get her full pretty self back again.  “I did what you said, and I am mean now, I just want my old body back.  I miss my long hair with my little friends, my hairy arms, and my hairy legs.”

She packed her bags and started to leave for Mexico.  She went to Mexico, she turned into a B.A.B. and told all those around her how she had been .  She had been living a life, where she felt like she had no choice to be mean because she realized that nobody would ever walk on her.  In the back of her head, she still missed her rat hair. 

That’s the thing that has been pushing her all this way  to be a B.A.B. She didn’t know where she could find the ugly grasshopper.  Nobody was going to find him.  She was going to swim, hike, run, rider her ugly blue looking horse.  She had a feeling that maybe the grasshopper wasn’t really true, but she wasn’t sure so she kept looking.
A month passed by and she couldn’t find him.  She lost a lot of weight and didn’t eat much.  She hadn’t really been talking to anybody because she been on this hunt to find this ugly grasshopper.  She told herself no matter what she would find him.  Well, she went to grasshopper land and automatically thought she would find him there.

She went to this village and went to look for her prince grasshopper charming.  As she goes in and drinks some nice coke, and eats a couple flies, she hears his voice.  She finally finds him.  She said, “Look you little grasshopper looking A**, I did what you told me to do and I was rude. I did this all because you told me .  Now can I please have my body back.” The grasshopper said, “of course you can.”  He snapped his fingers and she was back to herself.

She was beautiful with her nappy hair.  She travels back to where she used to live.  She walks into her old world and says, “look at me I’m back, Look at me.” She started to realize nobody wanted to talk to her.  She looks in the mirror and thinks she is pretty.  She wonders why nobody would talk to her.  She realized that she has been a b**** this whole time and nobody wanted to talk to her.

She goes to her castle and cries. She was beautiful again and had a nice castle, but nobody wanted to talk to her.  She lived her life as a lonely person. She died beautiful, but was ugly from the inside.

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This article is a twisted princess story

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