Harsh Cold Wind

May 16, 2017
By EmilyN SILVER, New York, New York
EmilyN SILVER, New York, New York
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The harsh cold wind blows on my numbing face,
As shivering I trek atop the snow,
And walking at my hurried hastened pace,
I stop to catch the sun beam with a glow.

My head is down, my eyes point to the ground,
I see the sparkle gleaming back at me,
For as the frozen droplets fall around,
The light of sun is all that I can see.

And as the snow continues to descend,
Coloring my boots all shades of white,
I wonder when this day will ever end,
When all the rays of light give up their fight.

But all I can do now is charge ahead,
And keep on trekking, try and try and try,
And let the tears from skies above so shed,
As I sink in the abyss of winter’s cry.

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