Colorful Dread MAG

May 18, 2017
By Catlove_SM BRONZE, Calgary, Alberta
Catlove_SM BRONZE, Calgary, Alberta
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Favorite Quote:
If you can be anything, why not be yourself?

Roses are red, fresh blood is redder
I really like this, but you like that better
I cannot compete, it does not compute
Wish this would complete, wish I was immune
I wonder why the blue is sky
Why the green is grass, the see-through glass
The pain is dark, the light not pain
Explanation please, do not refrain
When I see red I think of fire, of love and the heat of true desire,
Blue makes me sad, the violets fading, true love gone, only degrading
Green is nature, everywhere –
The grass, the trees, the thought to care
I dream in color and see in shades,
It’s everywhere, but eventually fades

The author's comments:

There are other variations of this poem that I can post as well this is just one edit

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