May 12, 2017

The world doesn't stop because you had a breakup.

However harsh that sounds, it's true.


You need to wake up and realize that you need to move on and not think, but do.

I left her so she could have a life in which she didn't argue on every day that ended in Y.

I left her so that she could be with someone she could actually see and hold without fear hiding in every part of her mind.

I left her because the distance was getting to be too much for both of us.

I don't want to be here.

Truth be told I want to be with her.

I do.

But when you argue every day and can't ever get a grip on your swaying like windy-day-trees emotions it gets to a point to where you can't do, but think.

Because you can't hold her or pull her to your side and it gets to you.

You start to wonder if it'll ever end and you never wanted to hurt her. So you cut the ties instead.

And yeah it's gonna hurt like hell to see her with someone else but at least I know she'll be well off in the end.

Maybe we'll get to find each other again.

I f***ing hope so.

But I have to move on and live on. I have to keep going.

If I don't, I'll never stop thinking about her and the memories will keep growing.

You've got to move on.

Let it go and find other things to put your mind on. Even if it's reciting your life in the form of a poem, it's something.

I know that it's easier said than done and when you're in your bedroom listening to those songs it just..


The world doesn't stop because you had a breakup.

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Izzy777 said...
May 15 at 11:35 pm
this is absolutely amazing, I love every single word because its simply, and clear. God bless you- keep your head up hun.
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