Are You Okay?

May 12, 2017
By Nicole Rios BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
Nicole Rios BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
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I'm fine

It's a two word line

Sometimes considered a lie

If you catch the person at the wrong time


I'm fine

They type with eyes full of tears

You ask twice if they're okay

They say I'm fine

But you know they're not

Yet you leave them alone

A choice they were hoping you wouldn't make 


I'm fine

They tell everyone

When deep down inside they are broken 

And need fixing 

Yet the only thing they say is

I'm fine

The author's comments:

I'm fine it's something I am knowledgeable about. I have said I'm fine I have been told by others that they are "fine" and I have watched others be "fine". But it has a deeper meaning to it everything does. But it is when someone realizes that meaning that will make the difference.

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