Hidden Heroes

May 12, 2017
By Firefighter791 BRONZE, Perry, Kansas
Firefighter791 BRONZE, Perry, Kansas
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From the moment I answered the page,
To the time when I got on scene,
I knew this could be my last,
So I remember the things I’ve seen.

Like the day it was snowing,
And there was ice on the ground,
I rushed to that structure fire,
While sliding around.

When I finally got on scene,
Which seemed to take forever,
I grabbed the attack line,
And got close to fight the fire.

I stood there in the cold,
Fighting against the blaze,
Trying everything I could,
To finally stop the rage.

It was that moment there,
I loved my decision,
To become a firefighter,
And to never give up no matter the condition.

So I take my experience,
And the training that I’ve learned,
To keep everybody safe,
To keep them from being burned.

I know that I am safe,
From the protection of my peers,    
We’ve all become brothers,
And we’re all just volunteers.

We give everything we have,
Yet we get yelled at by the public sometimes,
We just want some appreciation,
For sacrificing our time.

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