How? When?

May 11, 2017
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How does one react when there's no where to look?
Is it like a bad ending in a book?
The world seemed full of happiness,
everything was going great for awhile,
Until an earthquake, called life, left her shook.

How does a person feel when their life takes a sudden turn?
They have to work hard to fully understand and learn.
Learn what, you might ask?
Learn the reasoning behind the chaos and misunderstanding.
The fire that just arose will take time and no one will know how long it will burn.

When will the sky get clear?
In a day, week, month, or year?
No one has the answers to these questions,
Almost like they're rhetorical,
But eventually the world will return and the sun will reappear.

When does everything seem normal and calm?
That question is like a future reading off your palm.
Life likes to throw people curve balls to see if they can hit a home run.
There may be a few strikes out,
But that home run will be hit and life will be peaceful again like a island with a quiet swaying palm.

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