Homework is My Monster

May 9, 2017
By QueenJabby SILVER, HK, Other
QueenJabby SILVER, HK, Other
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Homework is my monster,
Staring down at me as I stand in the doorway.
It’s eyes, narrowed slits staring at me in anger,
It’s teeth, sharpened pencils ready to bite.
It’s skin, like rough cardboard.
It’s mouth, screaming at me to finish.
There is no chance to get away,
I have to do it now.

It follows me wherever I go,
Footsteps drumming in my ears,
Not leaving me alone.
It’s words are worse than spears,
Like an everlasting curse,
An enchantment never taken off me,
Homework is my monster.
Just leave me alone,
that is my only plea.

It can never leaves me in peace,
Reminding me every minute
To do it, or to leave it.
Do it and be congratulated,
Leave it and get in trouble.

I must do it,
But I want to leave it.
This stupid enchantment,
Its is never going to go away.

I will stay awake until it’s done

Homework is my monster,
Not leaving me alone,
It makes me work harder,

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