Her Smile Like Gold, His Smile Like Silver

May 9, 2017
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A princess swirls,
Her dress puffy and pink,
Like a twirling, dancing rose in the meadow,

Her pearl necklace, like a thousand moons hanging around her neck,
Her diamond studs, like teardrops hanging onto her ears,
not wanting to fall to the ground,
Her shimmering hair like silk strands swinging loosely at her shoulders,

The princess dances with her prince,
Both laughing and smiling,
Her smile like gold,
His smile like silver,

The princess’s friends dance around her on their own,
Throwing petals of daisies and roses,
Singing to the tune,
Their voices so pure and so perfect,

The princes friends laughing and smiling,
Never taking their eyes off the lovely dancing pair,
They stand around watching the two dazzling dancers,
Listening to the lovely voices of the princess’s friends,
They start to sing along,
Their voices deep and unreal,

The Sound of the singing princes and princesses,
Beats the sound of birds singing in the enchanted forest,
Beats the sound of the violin and piano together,
Beats the sound of any ordinary singer,
Beats the sound of a whole orchestra,

Another dancing tune plays,
The princess starts dancing with her friends,
And the prince stands aside with his friends,
Watching the girls dance and sing,

She looks up at her mother and father on the throne,
She nods and they laugh,
She starts dancing,
Her dress jumping up and down,
Forcing the king and queen to dance in their seat with her own dance moves,

Then the dance forms a coda,
And soon the ball comes to aa finish
And then the people leave,
But the fun and all the friends,
It never, ever ends.

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