The Truth

May 4, 2017
By Anonymous

(chorus x2): Rappers spit rhymes that are mostly illegal, MC's spit rhymes to uplif their people.

I told you this once and no I'll say it again,

when you talk about rap,

you talk about my kingdom,

you say new stars are takin' my place,

that ain't happenin' 'cause they're amateurs who play by the rules,

my law will rock 'em.


(chorus x2)


Never came to rein supreme, I came to make belief. Make you see my belief just to be heard. I believe if you listen to every word, you'll see just why I be the way I be, freakin' insanity! My life is nothin' but a crisis but I will still die with dignity. The spirit in me relies on each lyric. You see, I've got one problem and I need to get rid of them. I jot them down in my notepad. When ever I write fast, the fire in me keeps me focused on what I have to do to not be a broke a**.

(chorus x2)

My pockets still don't swole, gotta stay in  control, and still these people hate me, Loyal untouchable drawers that y'all will never see. See, every eye has tears to cry, but we live 'cause we can't die! Smoke things, drink booze for an excuse. The only thing that causes me fear is not tryin', don't know the fine line between livin' and dyin'. Getting in my stance, a young chameleon- adapt to any circumstance. See, I'm on a mission, known to blast the competition. In and out, and up and down, trust me, I'm ready for the showdown.

(chorus x2)

I despise those guys that come in my face as I bring it to the table like grace. It may be beef I'm serving sucker, so swallow your pride, but most of y'all get fried like eggs on the side. So, say somethin' desperate, smoke the culprit. Rhymes combined and musically designed, one more time, hear how I can erase mankind.

(chorus x4)

The author's comments:

This is just something that came into mind and I decided to put it onto paper and yeah, that's all.

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