The Color of Him

April 30, 2017

My favorite color always changes

I love all the colors

But on certain days

I just vibe with certain colors

It used to be black & gray & white

All the time

Until he came around 

As soon as he wrapped his arms around me

He showed me a whole world of color

That I soon fell in love with

Then it was green

Like the foamy sea

Like the leaves growing on the trees

Like the propel bottle he always buys for me

Like his sparkling eyes

Then it was purple

Like lavender

Like candy wrappers

Like the sunset

Like how he smells

Today it's yellow

Like the sun

Like my notebook

Like flowers growing in the summer

Like his t-shirt

He's shown me a world of color

Unkasked the rainbow

Because he lightened up the darkness in my life

He is my sun

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