war of the people

April 29, 2017
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why is the world so empty, no one cares for one another

all just empty, no feelings







wars never ending, and the people that started them

sitting back drinking wine, laughing at the misery of others

how shameless can they get

they don't do anything

when children are hurt

they don't do anything when they ruin a family's lineage

they blindly send their loyalist people

out into the world

to die.

how can no one see

they are using you

and maybe that's what you're used to

the feeling of being used

the feeling of being controlled


how much longer are you willing to let them win

let them control your life

let them hurt the people you love.

The judgment of others is the harsh reality in this world

everyone judges one another

when they don't know what you've been through

judgment is easy

but understanding is hard

in a world that has made an artificial society

in a world that doesn't care about humanity

in a world where tendencies make you different

in a world where your opinions are someone else's sins

as if this is going to reach out

become a bigger picture

as if my message to you, dear reader, will ever be interpreted as something important

as if someone will take the message of my writing and develop it

into a concept, everyone can relate to

the world, so vast, connects us all

yet we try to reverse it

as if fighting gravity

to be as far away from the chaos as possible to not want to be in danger

but to also not stop the war

the war of the people

the war this earth never wanted

the war that will end any goodness we have inside of us

the war that will end any goodness we have inside of us
ruin the heart of people

ruin what they think

so that they are so broken

that they won't care what you think

their payback will be bitter

the more they cared

the colder they became

stop this

support people

people of all races




and culture

save the people.




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