The Human Coat

April 28, 2017
By arabela99 SILVER, Barnett, Missouri
arabela99 SILVER, Barnett, Missouri
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The human body is magnificent,
Whether bizarre or beautiful,
The skin is an elastic bag,
That wraps around the form,
Encasing our precious organs,
Protecting us from what’s outside,
From hot and cold, soft and sharp,
I look at the triangles on the grid of my skin,
Like scales of armour,
Skin comes in a gorgeous array of colors,

Skin is the clothing we can never take off,
It hides our souls from one another,
We can only see the other soul through their eyes,
But a gaze is so hard to keep and lock,

Skin comes in a variety of textures from soft to rough,
Depending on its usage and protection,
Human skin is the finest leather,
Maybe not always strong, but all the same elastic,

Youth can make it tight and clingy,
But even throughout age is doesn’t leave,
Even when obtaining the most gruesome injuries,
It comes back to you,
Like a true friend,

Scars, burns, and abrasions,
Are the tapestry of our lives,
Showing our history,
Good and bad,

I will always love my skin,
And the skin of others,
It is my faithful coat,
I know it will always perform at it’s best,
I love my skin,
Until the day I die,
When it leaves with me.

The author's comments:

Sometimes we take for granted the most essential parts of our being. The skin is one of the most underrated organs by far.

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